Friday, November 4, 2011

Customers not willing to change hypervisors

In attending multiple technical conferences and local user group meetings surrounding virtualization and the cloud, I heard one consistent message.  We are not changing hypervisors.   This is good news for VMware which dominates the virtualization x86 market.   Reasons why customers told me they will not switch off of the VMware hypervisor:
  1. We are already 30 - 40 virtualized on VMware.  We are looking at going to 70% virtualization.  We'd be crazy to switch hypervisors now as we are about to go to the next level of virtualization.
  2. With VMware leading the market for years, there is more VMware expertise than any other hypervisor.  It is too hard to find a lot of expertise with large scale experience in other hypervisors.
  3. No other hypervisor has all the tooling and infrastructure we need for our enterprise.  VMware's management and infrastructure is the only proven enterprise solution.
  4. We are running thousands of VMware VMs.  We know there are lots of other companies running thousands of VMs.  No other hypervisor has the level of architects, engineers and designers that have the experience found in the VMware eco-system.
  5. We tried other hypervisors that were either free or we were given greatly reduced licensing to use. All of the free and low priced hypervisors have a tremendously higher total cost of ownership.  All  the tooling and management around VMware is required for our business needs. 

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