Monday, April 11, 2011

Collaborate 11 Monday - Hot Topics of the Day

There were a lot of interesting topics of the day.  Some of the highlights include:
  • Lots of Oracle Fusion activity.  Lots of customers talking about the high ROI of Oracle Fusion.
  • Lots of great success stories of VMware.
  • Oracle's licensing of VMware stinks.  Lots of Oracle customers complaining loudly and often of Oracle's approach to licensing on VMware.  If only I could have recorded customers comments and put them on Youtube.  
  • Internet at the Peabody lobby is really good. Lots of positive comments on the new additions and changes to the Peabody.  Definitely the hotel to stay at for the conference.
  • Some people said this was one of the best keynote ever.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the keynote this morning.
More to say, but being pulled away from keyboard. Literally. :)

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