Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Collaborate 11 Tuesday - VMware the common platform

I was walking around the different vendor booths at the Collaborate conference and seen there is one common platform across the databases, middle-tier technology, business applications, hardware solutions and application development.  That common platform is VMware.  It seemed no matter what type of vendor booth I went to, they are leveraging VMware's virtualization.

VMware's virtualization solution abstracts out the hardware layer.   The operating system runs in in a machine that happens to be a virtual machine not a physical machine.  So the VM platform is consistent running on supported hardware such as Dell, HP, and IBM.  This consistent foundation provides numerous advantages:
  • A complete platform for public and private clouds.
  • Ability to run legacy applications and software as well as the latest cloud applications in a common environment.
  • Full support for an open environment where different solutions such as Microsoft, Oracle MySQL, SAP, Veritas, EMC, Netapps and NAS can run in the infrastructure provided by VMware.
  • Less administration on the hardware and plumbing surrounding the hardware.
  • Reduced errors and downtime.
  • Easier to maintain.
  • Less time required to troubleshoot.

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