Monday, July 25, 2011

VMware New England Users Group a Big SUCCESS!

This was my first time attending a VMware New England Users Group event.  It was up in Maine July 21st.  My presentation title was "What DBAs need to know about Virtualization".  It was standing room only.  The overall event included:
  • All day presentations from key knowledge experts around virtualization.
  • Over 1200 attendees.
  • Presentations were in classrooms so there was easy access to presenters.
  • Large and very well attended vendor area.  Traffic in vendor area was busy all day.
  • An incredible Lobster Bake and party after the event.  Food was incredible barbequed steak,  chicken and all the lobster you could eat.  There was mounds of gigantic lobsters.  Open bar, live band and big cigar trailer with the best stogies you can find.  
Overall it was an incredible technical event around virtualization, great attendance and enthusiasm and wrapped up with an incredible party. Definitely one of the key conference events to attend.  Congratulations to the New England VMUG for putting on an incredible event.

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