Saturday, August 6, 2011

NonVMware Dream Panel - Virtualizing Oracle on VMware

A great Oracle Dream Team Panel has been put together to discuss virtualizing Oracle on VMware.  This panel is already getting a lot of attention for VMworld.  It's a definite don't miss panel discussion.
The Non-VMware panel is:

  • Jeff Browning – EMC
  • Chris Williams – Cognizant
  • Dave Welch – House of Brick
  • Howard Ostrow - Bttw Consulting
  • Charles Kim - Viscosity Technology

Each of these individuals is a luminary in the fields of Oracle in general and specifically the adoption of Virtualized Infrastructure for Oracle. This panel discussion will constitute a broad industry endorsement of the idea of running Oracle on Vsphere.  The panel discussion will be a dedicated 60 minutes event at VMworld (exact timeslot yet TBD)

Some highlights for each panelist. More information will follow.

Chris Williams:
Chris is a veteran speaker at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, having first appeared as an expert panelist on Virtual Assessments at VMworld 2006. He has since presented in a variety of online forums and discussions, and has published several technical and business articles covering virtualization and cloud infrastructure topics. His most recent technical white paper on virtualizing Oracle RAC is included in Version 1.2 of the VMware Oracle Virtualization Solution Enablement Toolkit. - currently delivering an Oracle accelerator service at FreddieMac for VMware.

Charles Kim:
Charles has worked with Oracle technology for 15 years and is an Oracle ACE Director.  He has written numerous books such as: Linux Recipes for DBAs, Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook, Oracle Database 11g, and 11g New Features for DBAs and Developers. 

Dave Welch:
Dave Welch is a co-founder of House of Brick Technologies.  He serves as House of Brick’s CTO & Chief Evangelist.  He started working with Oracle technologies in 1994.  Dave is expert in system stack architecture, hardware sizing and platform selection, performance, integration and operations, and troubleshooting.  He’s been a key facilitator in the on-going right sizing of millions of dollars of hardware and software.  Dave pioneered the use of virtualization for the delivery of Oracle University Partner-provided  RAC classes.  He is certified in both Oracle and VMware technologies and speaks around the globe. - Frequent, tenured Oracle-on-VMware presenter at VMworld, IOUG, OOW (VMware pavillion), roadshows, and similar events.

Howard Ostrow:
Oracle Certified Master - 15 years at Oracle - Oracle Instructor and Course delivery manager. He is a hardware and storage expert. Howard Ostrow has been working in Oracle and Unix/Linux related education for over 25 years.   Working for PRC, Oracle University , Oracle Advanced Technology Services and Bttw Consulting. Howard has managed curriculum development and delivery for large global operations including one of largest migrations of large servers to commodity servers and dedicated desktops.   Howard has been an advocate for current and cutting edge technologies when designing and deploying solutions.   Howard was one of the earliest adopters of utilizing virtualization for education hosting and delivery.    Howard is currently president of Bttw Consulting which specializes in Oracle and Unix/Linux based services and solutions.

Jeff Browning:
A frequent participant and presenter at all major events that involve Vmware and Oracle. 


  1. George, how does one obtain both Chris Williams' white paper and the VMware Oracle Virtualization Solution Enablement Toolkit ?

  2. I will be seeing Chris Williams's tonight and will follow up with details.