Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hadoop Reference Architectures

Some initial key factors for success when building a Hadoop cluster is to build a solid foundation.   This includes:
  • Selecting the right hardware.  In working with a hardware vendor make sure you are working from their hardware compatibility lists (HCL) and you are making the right decisions for your cluster.  Commodity hardware does not have to be generic.  You can select commodity hardware that is customized for running Hadoop.
  • Build an enterprise OS platform.  Whether you are using Linux or Windows, customize and tune your operating system using enterprise best practices and standards for Hadoop.
  • Design your Hadoop clusters using reference architectures.  Don't reinvent the wheel unless you have to.  Vendors are publishing Hadoop reference architectures that give you a great starting place.
I've included a few HDP reference architectures to give you a feel for what a Hadoop platform may look like.
I'd like to keep building this reference architecture list.

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