Friday, August 16, 2013

Introducing the BigDataOverEasy LinkedIn Group

I've been getting a lot of pings on the #BigDataOverEasy group that just started and I wanted to introduce it to you.  I've been involved with leading edge companies i.e. MySQL, Sun Microsystems,  Oracle, VMware, Hortonworks as well as been a part of their user communities.  I've also been directly involved in leaderships around strategic councils, beta leadership programs as well as recognized industry expert programs such as Oracle ACE, Sun Ambassadorship and VMware vExpert.

As Big Data and Hadoop generate more momentum in the industry I want to be involved in a group that is focused on skill development, sharing and exchange, reference architectures, best practices, industry directions and  mind share.   So I see tremendous value around having a group that can span companies, user communities and regions for this knowledge sharing and being able to communicate with a broader audience.

The name BigDataOverEasy explains the goal of the group.  To be a group focused on Big Data and related technologies, i.e. Hadoop that makes it easier to learn and grow without having to go into the coal mines to extract knowledge or reinvent the wheel.  I'd like this group to be about Data Architects, Platform Architects, Administrators, Business Intelligence and Analytics teams and developers who want to share knowledge and experiences and have a group of peers they can exchange ideas with.

This group will not support any recruiters, sales or spamming.  Here are some of the ecosystems I will reach out to, to find like minded big data and Hadoop enthusiasts.
  • Hortonworks Data Platform
  • Rackspace
  • Microsoft
  • Teradata
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Red Hat
We decided to call this Special Interest Group BigDataOverEasy even though it will focus on Hadoop because we want to emphasize that Hadoop is about data.

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