Tuesday, March 20, 2012

VMware Best Practices

Below is a link to a number of VMware best practices around Virtualizing Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, SAP and Enterprise Java.    Virtual infrastructures like anything else needs to be properly designed and configured for the workloads that need to be supported.

It is very important that VMware best practices are followed.   As a Tier One Specialist at VMware, I see three areas where best practices need to be followed:

  1. VMware best practices:  Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, Exchange, Oracle Fusion Applications, etc.  do not understand they are in a VM.  The tuning and configuration has to be on the hosts and clusters supporting the VMs.
  2. Storage venders best practices for virtualization:  80% of the issues around virtual infrastructures are due to the design, configuration and implementation of storage.  Get your storage right.
  3. Virtual infrastructure team best practices:  Properly design and set up tiering, processes, provisioning, monitoring, etc.
From a virtualizing Oracle on VMware perspective there are four key documents you need to know inside and out:

  • Best Practices Guide
  • RAC Deployment Guide
  • Workload Characterization Study
  • High Availability Guide
This link will take you to each of the best practice sections:

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