Friday, June 1, 2012

Key Links for VMware Best Practices

Here are some good links to VMware best practices.

Four key documents for virtualizing Oracle
DBA Best Practices

High Availability Guide
A high level whitepaper on virtualizing Business Critical Apps on VMware

Deployment Guide, Reference Architecture, Customer case studies and white papers

VMware Network I/O Control: Architecture, Performance and Best Practices

Esxtop and vscsiStats

Memory Management vSphere 5

Resource Mgmt vSphere 5
Achieving a Million IOPS in a single VM with vSphere5

VMXNET3 was designed with improving performance in mind. See, VMware KB 1001805:

Performance Evaluation of VMXNET3 Virtual Network Device can be found at:

Network I/O Latency in vSphere5

Preferred BIOS settings (always double check with hardware vendor,

 Oracle Database on vSphere Deployment Tips -

SCSI Queue Depth - Controlling LUN queue depth throttling in VMware ESX/ESXi

 Monitor disk latency at three distinct layers of the device or HBA, the kernel or ESX hypervisor and the guest or virtual machine.

PVSCSI Storage Performance

Snapshot limitations and best practices to minimize problems

Jumbo frames VMXNET3

1Gb shortcomings:

The vSphere 4 CPU scheduler

Some excellent storage links from Chris Sakac (EMC) and Vaughn Stewart (NetApp)
VNX and vSphere Techbook

VMAX and vSphere Techbook

Isilon and vSphere Best Practices Guide

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