Tuesday, November 6, 2012

George Trujillo moving to Big Data and Hadoop

I recently decided to leave VMware, which was one of the toughest decisions I've made in my career.   I can't speak highly enough about my experience with VMware.  It's an excellent company, with incredible people and with a great vision that is continuing to disrupt the computer industry.     I also have a number of great friends including life long friends at VMware that made the decision tough.   As an Oracle and BCA Tier One Specialist with the Center of Excellence team at VMware, I have been an evangelist for the virtualization of Oracle and business critical applications (BCA) for Fortune 200 companies and it's been one of the best jobs I've ever had.    VMware has dominated the virtualization industry and I've spent the last few years helping strategic companies understand the advantages of moving to virtual and cloud platforms.  It's been a lot of fun educating large companies on the virtualization of Oracle and BCA on VMware.  However, as the virtualization of Oracle on VMware is becoming mainstream, I felt it was time to find new challenges.   So VMware, THANK YOU!  :)

In my career, I've learned that when you can work with the absolute "best of the best" in an industry and with  a visionary and technical leader, it's the ideal situation to be in.  I feel I've done that by working at companies like Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, MySQL, VMware, etc. I've been watching the  Big Data industry grow over the last couple of  years and the numbers are incredible.  As I researched Big Data I believe it is going to continue to be an area of tremendous growth.  I also feel all my experience around large data environments, storage and networking infrastructures, expertise in Java and middle-tier platforms as well as my background in Math put me in the ideal position to play a role in this space.  So after talking a very long look at the Big Data industry, I felt Hortonworks with the level of expertise and industry leaders they have in the company as well as their vision of Big Data was the perfect place for me to habitat to.   So I've decided to join Hortonworks and be part of an incredible group of visionaries that are the new wave of disruption in the IT industry.

What does that mean for my future?  I will:
  • work at being one of the key thought leaders in the area of Big Data.
  • be a strong evangelist for the virtualization of the Hortonworks Data Platform on VMware.
  • continue to be a leader in the VMware user community around the virtualization of tier one and tier zero platforms.
  • continue to be a leader in the Oracle and MySQL user community.

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