Friday, September 20, 2013

Enterprise Data Movement at OOW

Our Enterprise Data Movement presentation (UGF9722) on Sunday 12:30pm, September 22 at Oracle Open World 2013 is going to be a key presentation that anyone who works with Oracle data should attend.

Big Data is going to touch every Oracle DBA, BI, EDW and analytics team member. Top DBAs in the industry moved into Oracle RAC and then Oracle Exadata platforms.  You are now seeing the top Oracle leaders in the industry moving into Hadoop. The reason is, they see the evolution of data and understand how Big Data platforms have become very strategic for every customer.  The key skills top DBAs have such as infrastructure knowledge,  data architecture, being able to perform bottleneck performance tuning, understand large data ingestion, designing a platform, understanding how to work with large data systems are all key foundational skills necessary for Hadoop. 

I am joined by Michael Schrader an internationally recognized data architect and BI strategist.  Our primary goal is to provide vision and insight around Big Data transport strategies.   The key  information in this presentation is not in books.  We will be sharing successful strategies and lessons learned in the field.

This detailed presentation will discuss important considerations about data movement across Oracle data platforms and Hadoop.  Attendees will see  how data flows between Oracle Database instances, Oracle data warehouses, Oracle Exadata, and Hadoop. Attendees will learn about enterprise data movement, data ingestion tools, metadata strategy to make sure you can use all your existing tools, understanding how to work with heterogenous sources and transports, and additional considerations for leveraging data in a logical data warehouse.  We will discuss Hadoop, Oracle and 3rd party tools and the role they play in enterprise data movement.  

The agenda is:
  • The Role of Big Data and Hadoop
  • ETL Strategies and Reference Architecture
  • Common Processing Patterns
  • Logical Processing Tiers
  • Different data processing dimensions
  • Best Practices for Processing Data
  • Connectors for Hadoop

Hope to see you there.

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