Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oracle 12c Creating Large Demand for New Technical Skills

Oracle 12c Features and Products will Create Largest Transformation in Technical Skills in Oracle's History
The Oracle Open World conference is showing Oracle technical and business people  that there is going to be a tremendous demand for new skill sets.  It's not just their new announcements, it's that some of their existing products have matured to a new level.   So get ready, this is going to create tremendous demand for those who build their technical skills to match the demand that is hitting the Oracle ecosystem this week.

Oracle Open World Highlights
Here are some of the areas that are going to require new and improved skill sets.
  • Big Data, Hadoop and Analytics
    • Oracle promoting Oracle Big Data Appliance, highlighting using an engineered packaged system for Hadoop.
  • Oracle and Microsoft: The Cloud OS
    • This is going to create a big demand for the skills to deploy DBaaS (database as a service). 
    • You can take your licenses and move them from on-premise to the Cloud on Windows Azure.
    • Java fully supported in Windows Azure.
    • Oracle license mobility to Windows Azure.
    • Oracle to offer Oracle Linux on Windows Azure.
    • Oracle and Microsoft building common cloud platform, the Cloud OS.
    • Oracle software on Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure.
    • Message to ISVs,  get going on this.
  • Oracle Database as a Service
    • Monthly subscription pricing, pay as you go.
    • Oracle manages the database for you.
      • Quarterly patching and upgrades with SLAs.
      • Automated backup and point-in-time recovery
  • Java as a Service in Oracle Cloud
    • Dedicated WebLogic clusters(s) on compute service.
    • Oracle backs up, patches manages WebLogic.
    • Full WLST, JMS, Root access, EM WebLogic Control.
    • Monthly subscription pricing.
    • Runs any Java EE application.
    • Elastic compute and storage.
  • Oracle Multitenant: 12c Pluggable Databases.
    • Oracle is abstracting out an Oracle database server as a software container within Oracle.  This is a way of achieving benefits of virtualization, it's virtualizing Oracle as a software container versus virtualizing within a VM.  Benefits:
      • High consolidation density.
      • Rapid provisioning and cloning using SQL.  A pluggable database is a software container that can move to a different database server.
      • New paradigms for rapid patching and upgrades.
      • Can manage multiple databases as one.
  • Oracle Database Backup, Logging and Recovery Appliance 
    • This Oracle database appliance will perform backups by creating a backup and then maintaining snapshots of changes.  There is a new feature in RMAN (incremental-forever) that will take periodic snapshots to storage-equipped appliance, where backups will be saved.
  • Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Database
    • M6 32 Big Memory Machine - 32TB of DRAM.
    • 32 SPARC M6 Chips, 1024 Memory DIMMS.
    • 12 cores per processor, 96 threads per processor.
    • CPUs communicate using 384 port silicon switching network, 3TB/s bandwidth.
    • 3 TB/second system bandwidth.
    • 1.4 TB/second memory bandwidth.
    • 1 TB/second I/O bandwidth.
    • 100x faster queries.
    • 2x increase in transaction processing rates.
    • Analytics run faster on column format, fast acessing few columns, many rows.
    • Transactions run faster with row format, faster processing a few rows with many columns.
    • Oracle 12c: Stores data in both formats simultaneously, dual format in-memory database.
    • Scan billions of rows per second per CPU core.
    • In Memory Column store replaces analytic indexes.
    • Configure memory capacity
      • inmemory_size = XXX GB
      • Alter table | partition ... inmemory;
    • Transparent to SQL and applications.
    • Scale-Out In-Memory Database to any size.

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