Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preparing for VCP: Free iSCSI SAN Software to use with VMware

There are some nice free and open-source iSCSI servers that you can use as your SAN storage with VMware ESXi.   These iSCSI servers are also great for getting a free SAN platform for preparing for VCP.   Two free SAN software solutions include:
  • OpenFiler - a free open-source iSCSI server than can be used as your SAN storage for VMware ESXi and can leverage advanced ESXi features.
    • Supports NFS, SMB (Windows), iSCSI and HTTP file sharing.
    • Modified version of Linux that provides an iSCSI target for iSCSI initiators.
  • StarWind ia an iSCSI target that converts any WIndows server into a SAN.
    • Provides features such as deduplication, snapshots thin provisioning and supports CDP (continuous Data Protection) and VSS.

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