Monday, June 27, 2011

VMWorld 2011: Needing Great Questions for Expert Panel

VMWorld 2011 starting August 29th, 2011 looks like an incredible conference with lots of hot topics and announcements that will take virtualization to a new level.   One of the hottest topics  is virtualizing Oracle Databases and Tier One applications.  There is an outstanding expert panel (BCA1548) from the VMware customer base hosted by Don Sullivan that will focus on questions from the audience.

We are looking for a list of questions that you would like asked of the expert panel.  We would appreciate getting some questions from the user community regarding the virtualization of Oracle on VMware.  Please send questions you would like asked of the expert panel.


  1. What is the difference between Gemfire and Aurora?

  2. There's ton of questions to be asked. Here's half dozen related questions I can think of off the top:

    1. How will Oracle address licensing when it comes to Oracle Databases and Middleware products on VMware? Does Oracle honor CPU affinity?

    2. What are the reference architecture best practices for Oracle performance on VMware?

    3. What kind of databases are candidates for virtualization? Does it make sense to RAC databases on VMware when you need scalability? Does it make sense to RAC databases on VMware when you need high availability? If so, how would this model provide additional benefit(s) than RAC One Node?

    4. What are the key advantages and disadvantages in functionality and performance that VMware has over Oracle VM?

    5. What are the best practices to VMotion a live Oracle database running in a VM to achieve zero downtime for hardware maintenance?

    6. How important is the partition alignment of ASM LUNs on the Guest OS? What should be initial offset with ASM disk group allocation unit size of 1MB and 4MB? What is the potential performance gain?